About Us
Dennise Bowles of Power Unlimited brings years of experience and expertise to this program.  Take your game to the next level with Victoria's leading power skating instructor.  Balance, Acceleration, Agility, Speed, Explosive Starts, Edge Control and Game Stride are all part of this challenging and rewarding program.

At Power Unlimited we offer high quality instruction with a dedication to the improvement of each student.

A hockey player's greatest asset is his/her ability to maneuver well with:

B     alance
A     agility
S     peed/Stability/Stride/Explosive Starts
I      ncreased Acceleration
C     o-ordination/Edge Control

This is Basic Power!

Without these basic fundamentals you are just another struggling hockey player.  With these skills you can become one of the most powerful and explosive players on the ice.

Power Unlimited uses a proven progressive teaching technique used for mastering the fundamental skills essential to explosive skating power.  By breaking down each element into stages we work on specific drills for each stage and work our way up to the final skill adding more challenging drills as we go.  Pucks are incorporated only after the fundamental skills are executed properly.  Correction is the key .  If you don't have the proper skating technique then it doesn't matter how much you sweat out there because they'll always be someone who will be able to maneuver around you and pass you.  Great wheels come from hard work and from alot of technical coaching and edge work on the ice.

The Power Unlimited Program has been designed for players of all ages and abilities.  There are programs for the Recreational player and the Elite Rep team player.

What Is Your Goal For Next Season?  
Come on out and we guarantee your skating will improve dramatically for next season.  Like building a house, we give you the tools to work with and we help you build a solid foundation and then we give you the technical coaching to build your skating step by step and stage by stage.  It takes hard work, but if you do the drills correctly and really concentrate and focus on what you're learning then great things will happen.

To find my website:  My name is Dennise Bowles not Denise Bowles