I am very impressed with the results from your power skating camp that Eric participated in.  He came back just as most hockey players started going back on the ice and dominated skating.  He was moved up to the Haninge A team = 20 U (from Junior B which is 18 U).  Even with 19 year olds he was the quickest and he is 4 years younger.  They have picked up speed but I still think Eric is quickest in game situations.

I am so impressed with your camp that I hope I can arrange a power skating camp here in Sweden next summer.  As preparation for the upcoming season I cannot think of  anything better.  Eric will be on the Stockholm District Select Team for the championship next September.  That is good advertisement for your camp.

Bjorn Persson

"Dennise takes our weaknesses and turns them into our strengths."

Gordie Hahn, Coach
Victorai Salsa '94/'95